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A Journey through Psalms


After bible study this evening, I realized that I new nothing about psalms. I believe that I have heard many of the verses in set to song but these deep and personal words of lamentations and joys is something that I am going to explore over the next few months or so. One by one, day by day. And where better to start that with Psalm 1.

Good vs. evil.

Stay near the Lord and be righteous for you will stand and prosper. The wicked will not in judgement.


God does science


I have had some trouble recently at work. Not with other coworkers or anything but mostly because the assay that I have been trying to use has failed me.  To explain simply, and ELISA is an assay that is done on a 96 well plate.

The purpose of this assay is to measure protein represented by the teal oval. Each well on the 96 well plate is coated with antibody specific for the oval. Then you add your sample containing an unknown amount of the oval. The antibody coating the plate “captures” the oval and it remains permanently bound. Then a “detection” antibody is added that contains an enzyme that will emit light that binds specifically to the oval. The intensity of the color change is directly proportional to the amount of oval present.

Of course there are many places in the procedure that can go horribly wrong resulting in either false positives or just no color change at all. The end point was that I was so frustrated because I couldn’t get these ELISAs to work. My coworkers had no problem running the thing and were constantly showing me up to my boss. We all concluded that it was me.

I was totally defeated. My whole science career is dependent upon me doing experiments with my hands and if I suddenly came down with “bad hands” consider my career in wet science “over.”

This last time I decided to make a change. I prayed. I believe deeply in the power of prayer and why I didn’t think of offering up my experiment to glorify God sooner is beyond me. But, after a few months of agony, I finally was able to get this experiment to work. I never thought that my job was one that was able to glorify God but clearly I was wrong. God does science. And He does it well.